I started my career journey as a professional hairstylist in 1979. Working in the salon industry as both stylist and salon owner has allowed me the privilege of working with clients one on one, and to also create and work with winning teams of employees.
In 1996 I followed up on my second passion, Astrology. I began taking numerous classes and made the decision to become an accredited astrologer in 1998 through the American Federation of Astrologers. Working in Salt Lake City, Utah, as both a professional Astrologer and Teacher has been an incredible experience for me. In 2000, I was accepted to teach a class at the American Federation of Astrologers Convention in Las Vegas, NV.
In 2002, I opened my business, Zodiac Salon, along with my husband and brother as business partners. This was truly one of my happiest moments, combining my two worlds in one space. Not only did we provide a full service salon, but added a unique added benefit…Astrology Consultations, Astrology classes and Psychic readings. But in 2007 I was forced to make the toughest decision of my life, to close the doors on a successful salon business. Due to the consequences of my divorce, my ex husband being part owner in the salon business and  the commercial property jointly owned, I had reached a point where the business partnership was no longer workable.

This was a major turning point in my life. After two years of re-evaluating and soul searching I was introduced to Professional Life Coaching. I signed up for classes and within the first class realized how much Coaching resonated with who I was and also how I had been using many of these skills with my clients for 33 years. I became a certified Coach in May 2010 and in that time frame had a HUGE defining “aha” moment. I could add this invaluable new skill set to my Astrological Consultations and take it one step further: By using the Astrological Birth Chart as an assessment tool, combined with my Coaching skills, I could support clients in creating and making powerful changes in their life.

Signs for Success
Using Astrological techniques as an assessment tool combined with Personal Coaching skills to help support clients in discovering new career options and life choices.

Kathy Commander lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her incredible husband Bob, and their  twin daughters, Sammy and Gabby.  Her oldest daughter Jachelle, a journalism graduate from UNLV, resides in Las Vegas, NV.